{If you read this full you will remember this poem forever ✨ 🐈 💜}

Break those chains, and let them fall, ⛓️ Feel the freedom, hear the call!
📣 Run through fields with open arms, 🌾 Breathe in life and all its charms.
🌟Dance beneath the moonlit sky, 🌕

Spread your wings and learn to fly! 🕊️ Shake off fears and doubts that cling,
😌 Feel the joy that freedom brings. 🎉Climb the mountains, touch the stars, 🏔️✨ Feel the wind and heal your scars.

🌬️ Life’s too short for heavy hearts,
💖 Time to play and make new starts.
🎨Sing your song, so loud and true,
🎶 Live your dreams, it’s all for you.
🌈 Unchain your life, let it be, 🗝️ Embrace the world, and set it free! 🌍🚀
© Shaaruu'sArt