Serenity, Says So Much!
Why do you want to annoy the hell out of me?
You've informed me that you have no need to travel to experience the world outside normality, nor are you very open-minded.
You keep telling me about God.
Yet the way you live, I don't understand your comprehension of a higher being.
Why don't you live out your testimony?
The most relaxing experience I've ever had..
Was during a sound bath..
Allowing sound vibrations to wash over me.
Or was it..
Floating an experience within an isolation chamber, with so much salt water, That one Floats.
now the most chaotic experience I've ever had..
Has been with you.
At this point I would love to join a monastery.
There's something just about the silence, the peace and the Tranquility.

© Life is amazing, if you let it be!