The pain I felt
you never knew
emotions I did not show...

never meant all was well
for I was just being strong
Just like nature...

that still give droplets of rain
in the dry season,
a moon so bright in the dark clouds

and that of a mountain
in a storms
never again,
see a smile on my face

and judge by saying
all is well.....
for there are many more
beneath that smile

which you do not know
or even have a clue off
so careful with words
used in describing others

for your words are
the root of my pain
the pain I never spoke off

your words did worse
than you thought
it will...

you spoke louder
than you heard yourself
I had my wounds
but you deepened it
with your actions

you left scars
which can not be clean
the depth of my pain,
no instrument can be used
to measure

the pain I never spoke off
my pain
the pain I felt
you will never know