Decembers Tale
My minds become so clouded in the cold mirrors of yesterday.
I’m frozen in time, stuck back here with versions of us that no longer exist.
If I were to see us now I’m sure they would be as familiar as strangers.
They would look the same, I imagine.
I don’t doubt they might even spark up roaring laughter and conversation.
But where I’d lose them comes when the sun drops from the sky and the warmth fades away.
I’d have no idea whom they might be in this darkness.
But I can still recall who they were when
they’d illuminate each other.

Each day with another dusting of times icy breath, it gets harder to see.
It’s still there, but it’s all covered in snow.
I fear the spring is inevitable and it’ll melt away the memories entirely.
But for now, I’ll watch us dance under twinkled lights.
As the blizzard rolls through.
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