Refusance - the carnation.
In a life, people make you confuse.
Until, you do not learn to refuse.

Refusance is the only way to get you.
Life hangs your identity, that's true.

And, if you don't know, how to refuse.
People are there, to make you reuse.

To speak out, looks not good, but it's right.
And it refrains you, to not feel plight.

Plight is nothing, It just kill your intent.
Forces you to leave dwell, & use of tent.

Life get wound, humanity get raped.
Those who lives in tent, never get shaped.
And, animals are wild, but human are more.
You are feeling, but they have huge stores.
I says again, you should learn how to refuse.
Everyone waits to make to confuse.

Life always laughs, if you bow to death.
And people are there, to snatch your breadth.
So, not let anyone to touch your soul .
It's not carom, here everyone does foul.

And stupor have faced, a prisoning feel.
When everyone lynch his soul, no one try to heal.

Oh life, you are so cruel, why you don't have rule.
Someone is so intelligent, someone is really fool.
Someone sits here, someone studying at school
somewhere it's summer, somewhere is so cool.
You plays a-lot, still you don't have any rule.

© Stupor Osama