Lovely dream

" Hey, Hey...
come back here."
My friends were calling,
for me, they were waiting.
So I ran,
big strides as I can,
for, there were some men,
standing tall, with their tan.

Nearer and nearer,
I could see it clearer,
the one who was dearer,
my friends were there to cheer her.
A beauty sublime,
Belle at it's prime,
as she jump and climb,
having an enjoyable time.

I was aware of our connection,
as I kept looking at her direction,
with a feeling of deep affection,
hoping to get her reaction.
The play went on and on,
she shined over the lawn,
a team match, I could recall,
for most of memories were hazy or gone.

My friend and I were standing,
cheering our partners as they were panting,
for, their performance were outstanding,
even the match was very demanding.
So, they won and had celebrations,
we hugged and kissed, wishing congratulations,
Sun was setting, we were together,
I took her hand, brought her closer,
we smiled and looked at each other,
she touches my cheek and opened her lips..

And everything got darker,
As if my eyes are deliberately shut,
I open them forcefully for the continuation...
only to realize that it was just a dream.

© Dr. Manish Rout