never enough

© All Rights ReservedNever enough, they always say,
Always striving, day by day.
Never satisfied, never content,
Always searching for the next event.

Never enough, in this world we live,
Always wanting more, we can't forgive.
The hunger grows with every step,
Never able to find the true depth.

Never enough, we chase after dreams,
Like a river flowing, bursting at the seams.
Always seeking something out of reach,
Never attaining what we truly preach.

Never enough, in our hearts it dwells,
A constant struggle that never quells.
Material possessions come and go,
But the emptiness continues to grow.

Never enough, we long for love,
But the feeling seems to rise above.
We build walls, afraid to let it in,
Never realizing where to begin.

Never enough, time slips away,
We wish for more hours in the day.
But no matter how much we try to control,
It still escapes us, taking its toll.

Never enough, we yearn for joy,
But it seems to slip away, like a child's toy.
We chase after moments, fleeting and brief,
Always seeking solace, relief.

Never enough, will we ever learn,
That contentment cannot be earned?
For in our pursuit of what we lack,
We miss the beauty that's right on our track.

Never enough, yet in this endless race,
We must pause and find our own grace.
To cherish what we have and let go of greed,
To find true happiness, is what we need.

Never enough, it's time to break free,
To open our eyes, and finally see.
That in the simple moments, life can be tough,
But if we're present and grateful, it's always enough.