A Love Unspoken
In the realms of my yearning heart,
A tale unfolds, a silent art.
For in the depths of unrequited desire,
I must quell the flames that threaten to inspire.

She dances in my thoughts, a radiant glow,
But deep inside, I must let her go.
For I know her heart seeks a different way,
A path untouched by love's display.

To hold myself away from the pangs of my affection,
I hide my emotions with careful discretion.
Though my heart longs to utter words unsaid,
I must keep my love at bay, laying it to bed.

For she, a free spirit, roams untamed,
Unbound by love's embrace, yet unashamed.
And so, I embrace the role of a friend,
Hiding my love, pretending to comprehend.

Each smile I offer conceals a deeper pain, A love unspoken, held in restrain.
© davidsaju