My Kaleidoscope
Life had no meaning for you until someone came along and brought out colors into your life. Write a poem on it.

In the depths of my existence, before I met you,
My life seemed like an endless gray hue,
Without purpose, without meaning,
A dull canvas, a soul not gleaming.

But then you appeared like a burst of light,
Breaking through the darkness, a vivid sight,
You brought colors to my world, oh so bright,
Transforming my existence, a breathtaking sight.

Like an artist with a brush, you painted my days,
Splashing hues of joy in delightful arrays,
From the gloomy shades of black and white,
My life transformed, into a kaleidoscope of light.

With you by my side, life became a Technicolor dream,
Every moment aglow, no longer a silent stream,
We danced through the vibrant fields of love,
Hand in hand, under the heavens above.

You filled my heart with love's sweet melody,
A symphony of emotions, in perfect harmony,
Your laughter, like a chorus of birds in the air,
Filling the world around me, banishing despair.

Together, we explored the wonders of this earthly sphere,
A breathtaking adventure, free of fear,
From mountains tall to oceans wide,
We traveled far, side by side.

In the golden sunset and the morning's embrace,
I found solace and peace, in each smile on your face,
Every day became a masterpiece, a work of art,
Interwoven with love, from the depths of our heart.

You taught me to embrace the beauty in all things,
To see the joy that life's kaleidoscope brings,
From the vibrant blooms in a garden of dreams,
To the shimmering stars and moonlit streams.

No longer bound by the chains of solitude,
With you, every day my soul renewed,
We created memories, etched in time,
A love story, written in rhyme.

And as the years drift by, like a gentle breeze,
Our love grows stronger, with each passing tease,
You brought meaning to my life, my dear,
With you, I have nothing left to fear.

So here's a toast to the colors you've brought,
The hues of love that cannot be forgot,
From shades of black and white, my life has evolved,
Into a kaleidoscope of love, forever to be solved.
© Arvin Ramirez
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