The love you give me
"Baby i never feel in this way, when i'm with you i never feel the pain,
I appreciate what i had gain, you the one who bailed me out through the pain i had been felt everyday,
when you touch me your skin feels Nimbly like a beautiful red rose,
kiss me i will pose, i won't let anyone to come between us...they can rather kiss a toe ,
And make sure that they don't bite it because i will never walk again,
My love for you is ginormous,you my gorgious,
I'm happy cause every time i think about my family tears start to drop till nine,
And start feeling the fear .. my love just come and all the fear got teared ,
You give me all the tending i deserve,
I'm the limitted one to own your heart ,
It been sennights since i receive the word love you but you give me that all the time ,
You are my number one ,the hate i have for you is none,
Tick tock the clock just strike nine knock knock i will give you the key of my heart ..."

© Ashley RM