My old friends....
My old friends....

Memories of you guys!!
are impossible to forgot
That love, that care, that happiness
I really miss a lot..!!

Our unbreakable bond
Can't be broken ever
My besties,my people
I'm for you forever......

You all are very precious for me
You all are like a gifts which are priceless
You always taught me "how to be happy"
Only you are my happiness...

You never count my mistakes
You always gave me a raise
the joy the fun which we had together
and the memories of those beautiful days...

You always stand beside me
When no one else is there
You make me smile,you make me laugh
and I love the way you care...

Thanks!! For lifting me up
Whenever I feel down
Thanks for being there for me
When darkness is all around...

Oh !! My old friends
Your friendship is really true!!
No matter how far you are
My soul is always with you....

as the year passes
Our bond become more stronger
Time can't destroy it's beauty
It continues for longer and longer....

© soumya.tiwari