Conventional beauty of Mountains
Wow! wonderful scenery of greenery
Natural springs flowing as fountains
Everything natural, no use of machinery
Fragrance of herbs and shrubs
Peace everywhere, no one disturbs

Unique glimpses of orography
Wisp of wind gives smile to fastidious
Art of God, fancy of topography
Everywhere love and invisible hideous
Within in ace , by God Grace
Happiness embace to embrace

Through and through! View of snow
Shining like diamonds by rays of sun
Exaggerate untrammelled natural glow
Weight of snow zillion of ton
Waterfall like milk and high
Atom like drops shinning and fly

Ahh! animal and birds live safe
Enjoying from dawn to night
In the beautiful mountains lap
Nature provides love them right
Mountains saving their offspring
Onsiaught can't do anything

© Pawan Balli