Dear me.
*Dear me,*
Am so proud of the girl you've come to be. Have seen the endless effort you put into healing and enhancing your *mental growth.*
*I*love you for always being true to yourself, when the going gets tough, always remember that you're now far from the **shallow.* No one can hurt you _dearest._
Do not forget your core principles; Accepting optimistic ideas and viewing things from different perspectives. And while optimism is generally a positive value, you should approach it with a certain amount of skepticism and critical thinking.
You were once fragile, but *self* *reflection* with a great amount of intentionality has made you strong. You will *never* quell to the prickles of pain.
*That which you* *are, you are.* To strive, to find to seek and not to yield.
Love *Me*.
_Rø Fï Ãh_ ❤️.
© Rø Fï Ãh ❤️