A Simple Love Letter For You
I remember that day

A simple Sunday afternoon,

Lazing under the tree

I awaited my beloved.

The moment my love appeared,

The world paused around us

Everything else was irrevelent

it was only you who matterred.

We sat under that old tree

Basking in the sunshine

You admire the nature

And I only had eyes for you.

Oh my love you’re so beautiful ,

Even the moon would hide away ashamed

If someday the moon decides,

To come down,

I will know it's for you .

So sweet your voice is ,

The greatest music to my ears,

It's not absurd to declare

I could listen to you forever.

Even on a simple Sunday afternoon ,

In a simple blue attire,

You feel like those beauties,

The poets describe as rare.

Please never go away

Never leave me alone

Because I have forgotten my love,

How to exist without you.

On a simple Sunday afternoon

We sat under a tree ,

Holding hands and reading books,

Life could never be better than this.
© Eclipse