my love 🥰
Beneath the silver moon's embrace, we stood,
Two souls entwined, in love's vast solitude.
Yet shadows crept upon our whispered dreams,
Tearing at seams of hope with silent screams.

Your eyes once held the stars, a universe,
But now they're distant, lost in thoughts adverse.
A tapestry of memories, now stained with tears,
Our laughter echoes faintly through the years.

In gardens once alive with vibrant bloom,
Now wilted petals bear impending doom.
Our love, a melody now fading fast,
A symphony of heartbeats that won't last.

But still, I cherish every moment shared,
The tender touch, the way you truly cared.
For though the stars may fade and skies turn gray,
Our love's ember lingers, come what may.

So let us hold these memories close, my dear,
Even as we part, with heavy hearts, I fear.
A sad refrain, yet beautiful it seems,
A love once real, now woven through my dreams.
© Sidhu5911