Solo Ride
In the world where finding the people,
In the era of finding a travelling buddy,
In search of group or partner?
But what about Solo dates,Solo rides?
Solo dates are an opportunity to find yourself.
I do prefer Solo dates,just me and myself.
Yes ,I get lost in her wheels every damn time.
Yes ,I get goosebumps riding with her on the thrilling routes.
Yes,I find peace riding with her in nature.
Yes,I paddled her & she helps me to move on in the life.
Yes,She will never left tears roll out from these preety eyes.
Yes,She will support me in my power to see that sparkling smile on my face.
Yes,She is my buddy for every other ride out there.
Yes , Sometimes some rides are hell but she broughts me to heaven.
I really had have Wanderlust .
And she is Sandra my cycle.

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