Birthday Cake So ..... 🎂
Why is a birthday cake so good?
🌈I love it oh so much 🌈
It's good to eat - but even more
🌈I think it's nice to touch 🌈
It's squashy pick and sticky white
🌈And stuffed with special goo🌈
With Cady roses on the top
🌈One time my piece had two 🌈
I like to blow the candles out
I like to make the wish
🌈But more than all I like to lick 🌈
The frosting off the dish
Now sundaes are quite wonderful
🌈Banana ice - creams are fine 🌈
But birthday cakes are something else
🌈Especially if it's mine!🌈
Thnks for reading
lots of love
from S.Queen 🌈👑
© Sky19