The untold evening streets
I were waiting for this evening—
apropos of nothing, I just wants
to stare at the shift, where it goes
from fire to prussian

Being uncleared about the destination, I'm still walking. I really love the sight, when fireflies dances in a pair in order to bring some drops of rainfall down. These leaves of aspen are no less in captivating—spread out freshly, all over the carved out grave, willing to soak up one's weeping tears.

I can listen to the mourn for a poetess death,

as people are holding a corsage—extremely bloodless.

While walking down the streets, my mind is thinking beyond the sunset—why it doesn't take an agony with light? Leaving atleast an insensibility behind.

I can hear the beatles singing in set,
As the night has fallen to sleep.
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© Zufi