It's perspective really
Time is but a sense of being
Of travelling through the circle of life
For many have returned back in time
Some to remember , some to reconnect
Some to laugh again, some to end their strife.
And many others move ahead in time
And leave their miseries behind
A pain, a sorrow, a grief of love
Disdain, tomorrow, a loathe of life.

It's perspective really
For youth is just a state of mind
Elderly smiling, filling our souls with joy
Having returned to the time they were born
Young angry , striking a fear in our hearts
As if insecure of death and its scorn
But time keeps a record of all our actions
And to its test it puts our reactions
And when many wake up to its curse
Alas! The time has already gone.

It's perspective really
It's is just a measure of one's nature
For some it makes mature over its course
Who always stand for unprivileged souls
And spread love and laughter in the world
Then in happiness die
Some it turns into fools in life
Who spread only pain and hurt all around
Who live a life of gluttony and shame
And who have only themselves to satisfy
So respect the time that's given to us
And work for the good for its sublime.

It's perspective really
Many have come and gone in its realm
Many live forever and never die
Many die every day in their life
Time is but a choice
Of being indifferent to its existence
And live in action to the fullest
Or in believing you don't have it
when it is limitless in nature
We must reason we won't be around
By its essence we are bound
As the circle of life is a timeless test
For time will surely turn us to dust.

© raaifshah