Juliet to Romeo ~A Letter 💌.
Looking into the Mirror keeps me reflecting on the absence of whom I know, whom I loved, Romeo.

My heart aches for my First love

Traumatized by His truancy causes my soul to drown in sadness and silence.

The bruise can't be healed
My first love can't return
Very far away from me but close at heart, how much I yearn for him.

Love always have a happy ending' as always said by fairytales,
But my love for One made me lose my days of Happiness.

Death made him unreachable to me
I sought for him in his sepulchre, all I got was Silence.
Did he loved me till death
or his love died before his death?
That I can't tell but,

If anyone sees My Love, let him know:
My heart aches.

Letter to Romeo

© gods