Why did you desert me to be arson-victmised?

I thought you knew me, sadly, but you lied.

Quick question though, couldn't you have stealthily strolled by?

Hello to the winds we should have,a futuristic somber cry.

A legend we might have been if you evaded from the toxic feud of Cain to the Abel.

Portruding jealousy,a green eyed beast slowly you morphed into like a dented label.

Am I just in my head or reliving a reincarnation of distressed-love rewind.

Like an orphaned urchin, callously you sauntered off and left me behind.

Desired a pomp and fanfare affection only to be bombarded with unrequited love dereliction.

High off the ecstasy of Ibiza I couldn't unhinge but succumb to the destructive addiction.

An eclipse of the past persevering to my now, you are in my veins.

Ridding you of me hopelessly paints bloodstains.

Gazing from my windows I behold you in the arms of another.

Heartstrings of colossal attraction I would hoard within and deceitfully call you my brother.

I love you to the moon and back,a cheesy strung up line,a sentiment you pronounced yet sadly lack.

Mixed signals and emotions out of service you beheld me a pawn to your toxic game.

A naive lamb I was as I strolled into your confusing maze,yea I was the lame.

All said and done,I am out of your hypnosis and back on track.

Recollecting all these to my progress in the now minus you,an indeed profound comeback.
© @Opoku Francisca

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