The heart knows
In the depths of your being, a whisper resides,
A voice that echoes, a truth that abides.
You cannot escape it, try as you may,
For your heart holds the wisdom, come what may.

In the chaos of life, where paths may entwine,
Your heart offers solace, a love so divine.
Listen closely, dear soul, to its gentle plea,
For within its words, lies the key to be free.

In moments of doubt, when shadows prevail,
Your heart will guide you, if you heed its tale.
It knows your desires, your dreams, and your fears,
It speaks in emotions, soft whispers in your ears.

Through joy and through sorrow, it beats with your song,
A symphony of feelings, where you belong.
It knows what you crave, what brings you delight,
So trust in its wisdom, let it be your light.

For the heart is a compass, a guide through the strife,
It holds the map to your authentic life.
Embrace its yearnings, let them lead the way,
And discover the beauty that awaits each day.

So, dear wanderer, surrender to its art,
For you will never escape from your own heart.
Listen closely, for it has much to convey,
In its whispers lie the truths that will pave your way.
© cynfully