Society Lies
Societies lies spew fast and light.
It aims at you. You're in its sight.
Consumed by greed that knows no end.
How deep it runs, you can't comprehend.
Your friends don't exist, it's a ploy of your mind.
To keep you at bay, Quiet, small and confined.
Your silence is golden. Your ignorance bliss.
In that state of unknowing exists the happiness you miss.
Magic and illusions, slight of hands so veil thin.
Where distractions are an art form designed to make you spin.
That peace inside became your guide.
Don't be shy, there's no need to hide.
The clever can survive till dawn,
The quitters never do respawn.
Bitter taste those words, like fire from the throat.
Spitting white trash snake venom, Societies New Age antidote.
That sacrificial lamb. The media's latest scapegoat.
Trust your identity, you're drowning,
Where the hall's the lifeboat?

© Miss Messica