Even love is stronger still destiny divide it .
In life's grand dance, we twirl and sway,
Bound by love, yet fate may lead astray.
Though hearts entwine, and passion burns,
Destiny's hand may turn and churn.
To love so deeply, yet feel apart,
A paradox that tears our hearts.
We yearn for unity, for one to call,
But life's tapestry may not entwine us all.
We ask, "Why this pain, this love unrequited?"
As if the universe has been misguided.
But in this cosmic play, we must endure,
For love's true test is patience and pure.
So let us pray, let us hope anew,
That destiny's hand may change its cue.
And though we're separated for now,
In time, our love may find its vow.
For in the grand design of life's great dance,
Our souls may find their rightful chance.
Until then, let love and faith advance,
Guiding us through life's mysterious romance.
In life's grand tapestry, we weave our fate,
A dance of hearts, a story to create.
Though love may part us, may it never cease,
To wish for joy and success in each other's peace.
Our bond, a canvas painted with passion's hue,
A masterpiece that time may bid adieu.
Yet, if our love is true, hope's anchor strong,
Destiny shall reunite us, in the right song.
In prayer, we place our hearts before the sky,
A plea for love to bloom, beneath the same sky.
Till then, we journey on, apart yet one,
In faith, we seek the path that destiny has spun.
Destiny, a mystery, a path we tread,
Why must we love, when love may be forsaken instead?
For in this journey of the heart, we learn and grow,
To cherish love, in every ebb and flow.
© प्रियंका