A Fool's Infatuation
Underneath Luna's silvery gaze,
An enigmatic silhouette can be seen,
With loving words in ink ablaze,
Watching the blinding flames with keen.

Parchments of passion scattered on the floor,
Each one starting with "my darling,"
Endearing messages gifted from before,
All dripping with honey, one cannot help falling.

Reading each testament of adoration,
Every statement of a love unspoken,
The maiden is spellbound with affection,
Of a promise to a forever unbroken.

Thus, as the moon's glow dimmed,
Echoes of adoration refused to fade,
As the pearls in her eyes brimmed,
In memories, the maiden's heart swayed.

Lost in the labyrinth of beautiful lies,
She stood beneath the night's somber embrace,
Despite knowing her feelings will bring her demise,
Ensnared by her delusions with a smile on her face.

She felt helpless to the addicting devotion,
Drinking each loving phrase despite its poison,
A consequence of her love without caution,
With infatuation clouding her reason.

Despite the testimony of the deceit,
Images of the lies untold,
As the maiden cannot help her heartbeat,
Burning the evidences that unfold.

As the flames consume the evidences, one by one,
Deep within the maiden's heart is a silent plea,
With the ashes of what was left undone,
The maiden, a fool believing her lies, was me.

© Hungry Pillow