Red Slumber
In crimson haze the night unfolds,
Velvet whispers, tales untold,
A languid dream, a silent scream,
Where shadows dance, in moonlights gleam.

Echoes stir in scarlet deep,
Where restless souls their vigil keep,
A haunting trance, a fevered sight,
In crimson veil, the heart takes flight.

Beneath the cloak of ruby hue,
The red slumber weaves its brew,
Enchantment wanes, reality strains,
In veins of scarlet, dreams remain.

The pulse of life, a crimson thread,
Through realms of twilight, spirits tread,
A velvet touch, a gentle sweep,
In crimson silence, secrets keep.

The night recedes, the dawn awakes,
The red slumber slowly breaks,
Yet echoes linger, shadows cling,
In memories of scarlet spring.
© Brian C. Jobe