If I Die
*If I Die*

If I stop breathing would all my shortcomings keep living?
Would the fear of not dying become the fear of stop questioning?
Would the world feel the impact of my living?
Would my deeds affect my seeds positively or the other side of it
Would my death be felt?
Would my path be thread by friends? and my smile be shared in miles?
Would I be buried , then comes in merry? OR!
Would I be buried then comes in ferry to convey many ?
If I die, would my death cause a loud shout? OR!
Cheers with stout?

If I die
The world will be a better place
A better place full of wickedness
From left to right, I'll watch while others suffered what I suffered

My death may cause a loud shout but some will take a bottle of stout
To quench the thirst of their wickedness
I might be buried then comes in many to merry my demise
My smile be shared in miles but my path not thread by my beloved.

Death is inevitable but if I die did I turn the table?
"Final wish" yet to be fulfilled but if I die "final exit" would rent the air like when I was here I was loved to my ears.
If I die the world would not hide and it won't stop the tide from coming.
If I die a lot would lie and all I could do unseen is to sigh.
If I die mine would be thine within a twinkle of an eye.
What a life!

That was how Jesus died and only a few cried
But I know if I die, the world would lie, I wasn't giving the vibe
If I die, I die
Nobody cares about my demise
What a cruel world.

If I die, I won't be chanced to ask "WHY" and if need be and I was permitted to ...
My wrongs would take a stance against my rights, and that would be the end of my time.
It's only right to stay in line, with words of light not to die twice.
Die here on earth and again face eternal damnation?
Hell no!
If I die I will live again wrapped in his arms,seated on his palm.
I will live to die and die to live .
If I die?
My deeds would testify.

My deeds would testify I did my best
Even though Iife showed me the height of it
I hope eternity be sweeter than all this.