In shadows deep, where echoes sigh,
A plea unheard, a silent cry.
Unlove me, whispers on the breeze,
Unravel these bonds, set me free, if you please.

Undo the knots of love's embrace,
Let memories fade, leave not a trace.
Unlove me, with gentle hands,
Release me from these binding bands.

For hearts can ache, in love's cruel grasp,
When freedom's song becomes a gasp.
Unlove me, in the still of night,
And grant me solace, from this endless fight.

In the quiet moments, let me mend,
From love's sharp thorns, let me ascend.
Unlove me, with tender grace,
And let me find my own rightful place.

For in the absence of love's sting,
I'll find my voice, my soul will sing.
Unlove me, and set me free,
To discover the me I'm meant to be.

© Sisco Puentes