My book, my empress

I want to write a book.
A book about you.
A book about you sweetie.
A book of my inner.
A book that will be true.
A book different from that of Guinness.
A book to live for ages.
The title is u my love...

In chapter one.
I will describe u my only one.
I will talk of your smile.
And how u are fragile.
I'll appraise ur heart.
That has an appraisal part.
I want to write...

I want to write a story.
A story that makes glory
A story of two hearts living lowly.
A story with parts so Holly.
A story with love,true love,immense love.
A story of two birds life.
A story to keep hearts alive..
The header is u empress.

In the part two of the story.
I'll talk of you in poetry.
I'll talk of u,my life commentary.
U,my common complimentary.
A joyous heart supplementary.
I want to write..
Write about u

I want to write an article.
Article about our circle.
Article away from being single.
To be respected by everyone including uncles.
An article of love,and two love disciples.
The header is you sweetheart.

I want to write a script.
A script many to adopt.
A script with a voice so soft.
A script that is too hot.
The holder is u ..
I want to write.......

Letter to my heart
© #Silent_wolf