turn down the lights
please, turn, down the lights, it,cause,
somethings in my eyes,
I,want, to feel some dark,
in her eyes, the, sea so large,
my, friends,are drowning down,
in their eyes,I lose my proud,
their happiness,and sympathy,
we're my power,and,strategy,
now, the time,took so late,
their memories, are just the waste,
for sometime, I lose my everything,
on the mountains, I blow with the winds,
but,nowww; days,I am invincible,
oh enemy, I can, defeat your world,
now you can't do anything,
because ,I am ready, with the wings,;

please, turn, down,the lights,
it cause, some feels in my eyes,
I feel, the rising sun,
who only rise,but never dies..