That stain is left and I can't confess
You dropped red wine on my shirt,
and looked a little surprised.
Saying sorry in a breath,
you took my hand and pulled me
to an empty room,

Got a shirt from the wardrobe ,
and told me to use that one.
You gave me your phone number
saying you would pay,
for the dry cleaning of the stain you made.

But that red wine wasn't your only mistake,
my heart was drooping by your aura with grace.
And the thing is I think that was some expecive wine,
no soap managed to get this stain off
my most expensive shirt not even a bit of light.

It can't clear away and return as a white pice of clothing,
just like it used to be before.
It already got dyed by you perfectly figure,
but something is happening, my pulse is raising,
I think you should also pay for my doctor visit.

It hurts when I Lough, not just when I'm sad.
No psychologist can describe this stain as a painting itself.
The cleaner will not be able to make it look new.
No matter the price I pay, I'll still remember you.

That shirt was somehow expensive,
but only that stain made it worthy.
It looked better than any shirt I had now,
it remembered me of your straight forward face,
not scared that you ruined me that day.

Saying you would pay me back,
you put a blessing stain on my chest.
I think gods approve of this feelings of mine,
it wasn't my fault it was theirs this time.

They send you to me in a black grown,
I think they mistook the angel uniform,
with that dress you showed up.
I know I'd be asking for much,
if I propose to an angel,
who I only met once.

But what can I do now when I'm wide awake?
I don't think I'll be able to sleep, if I don't confess.
I think I should make myself clear.
I have to find you and with courage to speak.

But I don't belive an Angel will ever fall for me, so what should I do now?
That stain is left and I can't confess.
I need you! Angel hear this prayer and let me be your man!!

© All Rights Reserved Tigreb
#whiteryhme #love #stain