KaiKaiKai Be quiet

Be quiet
Someone interrupts me
I was tryin to speak the truth
In this same breath
Someone told me to hush…
Sayin that’s enough…

I did be quiet
It breaks my heart to the core
I wanted to cry…
I guess my voice was on the wrong timin
Even if I speak again,
I get ignored

.so then
I turn to poetry
I write what’s on my mind
And post it online
Hopin somebody will hear me
Hear me out
Cos I was talkin about
Racism and how racism affects us
You know
I don’t have to say anythin
In person
I can write it out on paper

People told me to be careful
Some say don’t post it and
I didn’t listen…
Here’s a thing
We’re at war…
Racism should be talked about
It’s an issue…
So I write about it….
I post it
And there are some people
Who back away
Back off
I was tellin the truth…
The same people who are afraid
To speak up…
The same people who talk in whispers
They’re scared to be loud…

It’s in our faces
But we can’t talk about it
We should keep it in the house
Keep it to yourself…
I didn’t keep it in my home
I was bold enough to put it on the internet..

Just to make people think…

I don’t wanna coddle feelings
I’m not here for someone’s pain
Don’t need to cradle white fragility
When it comes to facts on the table…

How about google
How about books
How about observation
Instead of
You tellin me ever so politely
To shut the fuck up…

Another thing is
When people tell the truth
They get killed
Tell me how is it ok?

I swear lies are way too comfortable…
Ignorance is a wild place
Also a common weapon to shush truth tellers
At its best….💯✊🏿©️ Kai C. 6-16-24

© Kai C..