Farewell, home
The ocean waves reminded her of days
Filled with freedom and young mistakes
Where laughter swims ashore and stays
The days where living was grace.

The sand reminded her of better times
Where life was nothing less than fine
And love was calm and so divine
The times where stars aligned.

The castles they built reminded her of home
Where she felt so rich and not alone
And there she'd huff the scents of brome
The home she'd now outgrown.

The sun reminded her of a place
Where life was richer than a beautiful face
Such royal she swore she'd not replace
That home was just a phase.

Seashells reminded her of the little things
Like playing jacks and tire swings
Memories washed away with spring
Playing fiddle with her heartstrings.

The ships they sailed reminded her of dreams
Where she'd float away and roam the seas
And be the captain and take the lead
Where home would never be seen.

© Writer_At_Heart