Dashaun Olynuk
Dashaun Olynuk

He's quiet at his defense.

His dreams are now permanent, not changing!

Sound in his mind of the sandcastle, white moon raising the turquoise tides, to wash away the machines craftsmanship to the architectural patterns once upon a time the strong hands thy made, wooden beams, high liberal ceilings, and safety proof domes adjacent to the foyer.

Tossed upside down across the backyard, like fuck it.

I'm going out of style and all, my mindset is going to a whole new level of fuck the powers that be.

I won't ever wait, but waist your time looking for the healing powers of the sparrow, fly in to me high.

Standing up pigeon toed with roasted Carmel complected, salted almond flavored charlie horses, of rolling in the vineyard too long, trying to find my way back to his Dashaun Olynuk.

There's a difference between.

Driving that defies.

Disturbance to Dial, when the silence is too alive.

A destiny unborn.

Determination unwon.

A king's decree.

Degree of no return; No matter the details, the decree of the Demon King, unknown.

Not a word from Hitler, that's what the Bible says, it's written in red, like the revelation you can understand.

The silver fang punctuation, a semicolon, the Devil's claw, the symbol to transcend into the underground

The Democratic party is the Demonic order we obliged for the winter in the hall of Baal.

It's such a beautiful friend we must share a common initial, and now by law together we are a army.

It's a sign to yield, as you pause for the moment, as you wait to exhale from exhaustion, we a Frontline in high matrimony are now the Doctors orders, the reason you're threatening to yourself.

Dashaun Olynuk.

I'm your imaginary machine, cold something put fat away, not even mine.

Daydreaming your silver wool will shine every evening, we may not have any fight inside, when the ice begins to melt away from our heads lost in this shadow of disparity.

Don't deny I'm your imaginary pride and envy; don't deny me.

We are as one, but of opposing galactic light-years far away from natural!

His name is Dashaun Olynuk looking forward to turn the wheels off the world to force everyone to get a eye full of him through the lense.

He's so arrogant and confident, and confused about whether he belongs, maybe it's supernatural superstition, scrutiny, or coincidental why you or the face of something much more advanced than my artificial intelligence can overwrite me down to my fingernails.

Maybe if you stare in the mirror of what you want too hard, your life plays mind games on you.

I don't know if it's to play a peculiar prank on me.

I don't know if it's for God's humorous lie.

I don't think it's to piss me off, I have been taught to fall all over him!

There's definitely something strange going on with me, I hesitate in the convoying rural areas sitting low on every corner of the desolate earth.

One not hither before me, but mocking my footsteps, slow walking me down through the hidden valley, carrying a hidden agenda to torture my mind, and conquer the best of me.

You don't or you do know where to find me hiding from the sun, with summer drawing nigh.

Because if I ever was Dashaun Olynuk, I would want to rest my bird's-nest in the shade.

Pouring out my sins, my mechanical lights, to find my equal other Dashaun Olynuk, turning solid matter into Ivory black crystal.

Hollow out the stoney adversity ahead, do a rain dance to bestow the power lines; beating you down for indivisible rights, and a place high in the euphoric sky!

I hope you're now.

Going with me.

Not bowing down to the winds, no matter how hard they howl, or bitter it brings unease.

I know that you're black in your heart, there's nothing inside, no room but for the head Prescott.

Waving chef knives,

Everyone is fighting for the crown; the throne is up for the taking!

It's a constant tug of war for the queen's heart, how to turn it around from the Sigmond finger waves, stretched out on the starry night.

I want to be the mathematician at bay, painting the right amount of pigmentation, a rae of motion by the color of the night!

It's getting zone free out here, people feel they can invade your personal bubble sky, but in your hands you hold me tight; hold me high; hold me close, I hold you to it.

On your shoulder I don't have to worry about how to swim across fire.

I find refuge; I'm a regular refugee trying to start over with a clean slate.

When I lock into your eyes I see, love doesn't matter at all, when everything seems so small.

All of my life I shimmer and watch the hours fade away to wonder will you bridge the equation in our minds, think it would be nice to connect the dots to find out what's ripe?

I don't have the dollar bills for a relationship us, not even in the ironic landmine of poltergeists.

Is it wrong for me to want to that is only me, does it sound immortal like pride?

I can't afford to be him.

Do you watch over me?

There's a forbidden entity where Deuteronomy plays, a new again culture when midwives prey.

On every single day another lay, best institutionalized between chasing education, and flowers of May.

Aboard the mayflower to Mayfield Lane, the one way journey impossible with or without the eyes of Dashaun Olynuk overlying the prejudice cult we all were deceived to practice, like practitioners.

This country we turn against ourselves; a king's disease, bleeding monsters to steal our souls, wearing our biological, and physical make up, our skin.

Face Shields to replace our purpose, separate our fate, and overcome us all throughout the Shawn's of our past.

Doesn't sound like it is simply beautiful enough to make us run to the top of a tower.

Throwing ourselves away, plunging into the concrete to an instant death, from falling approximately of a steel building standing up around one hundred stories high, I'm hymn.

I'm him, standing to the hem of my oppressing brethren, upon a defensive Christ, at fault.

I'll follow you if you follow me!

You're the Sun agent.

Army of Ra.

I'll break right through, if you break through me!

I'll breathe right through, if you breathe through me!

I'll follow you; if you follow me!

I've been down in a cell of long-suffering, just as far as the eye can go.

I'll break right through, if you need me to!

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes

©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes

© All Rights Reserved