An Exaltation To Praise The LORD
When I rise from my rest,
I go to the highest place to behold,
And lo, when I see the oceans,
The beauty of Thy fingers,
And the earth, by which Thy words called forth,
And when I lift mine eyes into the heavens,
Behold, it is Thine habitation where Thou has set Thy glory,
Thou hast established the earth that it should not be moved,
But lo, when Thou lookest upon it, it trembleth in great fear,
Thou hast established Thy throne forever and ever,
Thou hast set Thy glory and beauty upon it,
Oh LORD, how excellent art Thou in all the earth,
Thou alone stretchest the heavens and walketh upon the waves,
Thou calmest the sea in its uproar and it becomes still,
Thou didst set the earth upon the waters as foundation,
And in Thine wrath, Thou didst destroy it with so also,
Among the gods who is like Thee, Oh, LORD of hosts,
Thou that art the Savior of Israel, the foundation thereof,
The nations worship other gods which by nature are no gods but idols,
But Thou, Oh LORD art the true God and Savior of Israel that hidest Thyself,
The true majesty on high art Thou LORD,
Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel art God above all gods,
And Thy name is to be praised in all nations.
© YahBaBlack