Twisted Thoughts

Turn around
please just look,
Look round at me
just once won't you
turn and just let me see?
Smile for me
brighten my day,
won't you light up
that cold exterior by
beaming happily away?
If your eyes fix on me is there a spark?
Will they devour like a hungry shark
searching for it's next meal or not?
Do they look here to this spot
or glance away elsewhere?
I wish I didn't care
but I can't hide
love's in the air
at least for me!
Not so much for you?
Behind that cool facade
I wonder if I matter true?
Beyond the ordinary what
for me would you willingly do?
A thousand times I wish you'd notice all
and come to my rescue if I should fall,
Or answer my questions if I'm stuck,
Carry me through mud and muck,
Just once offer a gesture sweet
or by my side take your seat,
Ask me a question please
don't be shy or a tease,
I need your attention,
I crave your affection,
I cannot simply go on
pretending - I come undone,
I come apart at the seams,
My hopes and dreams
they slip so easily away
into nothing every day,
Unrequited love I say
let me free of this
endless torture,
I can't be sure,
I can't breathe
if they leave,
I can't live
if they dont
just give
me that



© .Garry Saunders

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