I Don't Believe You
I Don't Believe You

How the moon sunk beneath the deep horizon
As I'm a man with the unacceptable reason
To swap thee that you thought to fill my ego
Shame on you to think my sympathy is zero

For the sake of experiences, to feed my boredom
I vanished, leaving you depressed and lonesome
On my side, there are some valid explanations
Ultimate pride, and the rapid shift of emotions

Selfish deeds of yours, now the closure I require
Deprive me away, as it is your ghost I acquire
It's much easier said than done, so let's be it
I never claim that this challenge is easily beat

Fraudulent loners formed an unreliable agreement
To open our hearts for another person's commitment
But why'd you rained me with calls I didn't responded
I don't believe you, but I believe I left you wounded

© Dizon