Who am I supposed to be when I’m living this life,
A façade, a dream that seems to be,
When I feel like no one cares
And all I do is dream?

It's nice to believe that you and I could be,
But in this world, we know it's not true,
For I'll forever remain in your thoughts,
Like faded memories coming to rest.

I thought you and I would always be the best,
But this life is just a test, or have my last breath.
Where am I supposed to be if I'm not sure,
If I'm in a play or just supposed to exist?

In a world where no one will even miss,
Leaving marks only left me with scars.
Sadly, life feels meaningless as I lie awake and die.

Who would even care if I move on,
Becoming nothing more than someone's memory,
Where am I supposed to be,
In this place I am right now?
The path I've chosen, the obstacles I've faced,

Feels like I'm taking the wrong road.
I hope life gives me choices and unfolds.
Where am I supposed to go, how will I know,
When I've reached the place I'm meant to be?

To find a person who sees through my tears,
To accept the real me with all my fears and doubts.
I've only ever cast myself out,
When all I want is to be right next to you.

But as you've said, you're not interested,
And I've come to believe that love doesn't exist,
Should I conquer love or let love conquer my pain?
Why is it that we hurt others more than we live?

I guess I'm meant to be in a world,
That doesn't love the person I've become,
I took the wrong road, someone gave me a choice,
Having options wasn't the right way.

For someone with an addictive personality like me.
Every time, I'm drawn to the wrong road,
Craving the thrill of the chase, breaking the rules.
When will it be enough to choose a different path.

Towards the life I was truly meant to live?
That's where I'm supposed to be,
Not on the other side, lost in chaos,
Controlled by my mind and haunted thoughts.

It's a war I fight, battling against my inner self,
Losing more battles than I win,
I might lose this war and wake up,
In the darkest nightmare of my perfect daydream.

Because in the end, it's all just a dream,
But I wake up knowing that I can change my life,
To be where I should truly be,
In a place where I'm meant to be.

In the place I am in, what’s where I need to be?

© Francisco Puentes