An ode to our Popsy...

On this Father's Day, my words take flight,
Expressing gratitude, love shining bright.
For you, my dear father, have given all,
In your footsteps, I stand tall.
What shall I give, when you've bestowed
Unending love, a precious ode?
You've shown me the road, the path to take,
With every step, a bond we make.
Now, my soul yearns to serve, to heal,
To comfort scarred hearts, make them feel.
But above all, your happiness I seek,
For in your joy, my heart finds its peak.
I follow your guidance, the wisdom you share,
Knowing you're swimming in an ocean, so rare.
Yet, you beckon me to join your peaceful tide,
To swim together, side by side.
In this sordid world, I've witnessed its strife,
Seen its shadows, its tumultuous life.
But, Papa, I long to leave it behind,
And in your ocean of peace, serenely unwind.
I don't wish to stay, not even a moment more,
Please, take me with you, to that distant shore.
For I've glimpsed the harshness, the pain it unfurls,
And now, I seek solace in your tranquil pearls.
Oh, Father, let me swim with you, I implore,
In your azure depths, where tranquility pours.
Let our souls intertwine, as we embrace,
Finding solace, love, and boundless grace.
On this Father's Day, my heart overflows,
With love that only a father-child bond knows.
You've given me everything, beyond measure,
Now, let us swim together, in eternal leisure.

#Father's day