With You
Losing myself to the darkness,
losing myself to myself.
Losing my hopes and dreams,
losing them to disbelief.

Thinking that life is hopeless,
that nobody can relate.
Feel like I need someone else,
to empty all my loneliness.

Is just wishing good enough,
do the stars listen at night?
Every desire and worry,
is it known to them by hand?

Oh I'm feeling lonely again,
I wish I could fix it.
I'm so alone I feel weary,
just wish I had anyone.

Tell me that you're lonely too,
give me a call this evening.
I will listen to your voice talk,
feel like I breathe again.

Tonight I feel like crying too,
and I do know why I do.
I miss feeling that connection,
wish I could connect with you.

© dats_poetry