The knights class
They say, trust, give chances and believe in people inorder to get along with them. That's them and their people🤧🤧, let's talk about me and you 🌝🌚. I mean the "KNIGHTS CLASS" 🤌📌. I love the fact that you guys have been family since 2019🥺, I know some of you joined the other years and I think you did so coz we were destined together. In this class, I have met people with different personalities 🤣. The loving ones, haters, funny, welcoming and more. Trust me , I have loved all these different personalities because love is not all abt love 😥, it's abt understanding each other and respecting the differences. I may not have been a friend to all of you but trust me you were all FAMILY and will forever be🍷📌. We were a team that believed in success even in the hardest times, we were crazy and at times very annoying. But that's all because we are human😊, I loved it all🌝🌚☠️☠️.As we part ways , let's keep all our beautiful memories within our hearts🖤.I pray we all succeed in our next levels ,I believe we will. It was nice meeting you guys and more importantly 🤌 , it was not an accident 📌🍷. ALWAYS AT HEART 😭 KNIGHTS CLASS 🖤🤌🍷🥂
© Heather Jamaicah