She walked in to the room
her hair pretty groomed
with her every step flowers bloomed
the men turned to look
each fell to his doom

Her eyes were like Autumn's haze
I avoided her sultry gaze
she stood at the bar, left me dazed
her skin tan, chocolate glazed
thoughts of her i embraced

Those enchanted smiles
gives me lustful butterflies
in summers night
with her I'd love to dine
make her mine
walk with her to street nine

A woman in her prime
she brings the stars to live
as morning rise
with her I'd love to lie

Her perfume like ambers
i pretend to be unbothered
her scent rest on my members
i can't help but shudder

A delightful tease
makes me weak to my knees
sorrows, at her feet crease
with her i feel at peace
she is art itself, i dare not call her a piece

Our lips meet
bad drummer, my heart skipped a beat
not again, i caught the happy feet
i'm in awe, how with grandkids
she still makes me feel like a teen
from thirty to ninetythree

All this i see
as she passed by my seat
the one I'd love to keep
born of fantasies
yet, glad i am to admit
she left with a man, it was none but me!

© irkel