My eyes to see.
I've stared at the ground for too long,
My head always bowed in unknown reference ,
Always turning away , seeking refuge at my feet,
I fear that if I look too long, I'll see what I ought not.
My eyes unsteady and never firm, always darting.
I fear the soul piercing look that shines in another,
I fear that I'll be the victim of my wondering gaze.

The days I choose to see, it's curiosity within,
One's steady gaze, a reflection of thousand emotions,
I desire to know what truly lies behind those eyes,
A silent riveting communication from within.
Such intense realization of things unknown.
Like a mirror displaying emotion good and bad,
At such a site, the heart races ,the body on fire
A story unfolds, yet again,at each passing second.

The truth dwells in the eyes of another,
A gift from the gods rendering the mouth a liar,
To tame the eyes is to tame the soul,
For the eyes, a voice of the soul, setting all other senses in ecstatic rythm.
See me, I reckon that you see me, to know
For within lies my thoughts, my true self,
My spirit and true reflection, my home,
My world of roses , my safe abode.

The decision to see is one I make jealously
Vulnerability, my greatest weakness,
They'll say I'm shy...I know my intention,
I know my strength, my retaliation,
“turn my eyes from worthless things,and give me life....”I prayed.
I know I see less and talk less, yet think aloud
I feast my eyes to man's companion,“ flora and fauna.”
My soul rejoices for I delight in in the simplest of things.

© Maria.M.M