Fall In Love With Me
Fall In Love With Me

Fall in love with me, under the harvest moon,
Where whispers of passion will serenade our swoon.
Let us dance in a garden ablaze with hues,
As golden leaves float down, like nature's muse.
In the crisp autumn air, our love shall take flight,
As we stroll hand in hand, beneath the starry night.
With each step we take, our hearts beat in tune,
Fall in love with me, under this harvest moon.
Like the vibrant leaves, our love will ignite,
With fiery passion, burning oh so bright.
Feel the warmth within, as our souls intertwine,
In this season of love, where our hearts align.
Lost in a love story, written by the breeze,
You and I, entwined in a web of sweet ease.
Let the colors of fall be a canvas above,
Fall in love with me, and forever we shall love.
As daylight wanes and shadows grow long,
Our love will grow deep, unwavering and strong.
Through falling leaves and chilly autumn nights,
Our hearts will find solace, love's guiding light.
So take my hand, let us dance in the autumn's glow,
Underneath the moon, where love will surely grow.
In this magical season, where dreams come true,
Fall in love with me, and I'll fall in love with you.
Magod Scroef
© Oyama Sibidla ™