what if someone asks me to draw Jesus?

What if someone asks me to draw Jesus?

What if someone asks me to draw Jesus?
I would be like, I’m not a Christian
You can ask someone else to do it..
I don’t wanna be gaslight nor persuade
Into believin a fictional character….

I will not be threatened or forced my
Hand to sketch a face by a person who
Doesn’t even follow his footsteps…so
Why bother…

I don’t wanna draw him..
Black or white..
Fuck no…I don’t care if he loves me
You can’t convince me to accept him
In my heart..

I don’t believe in religion…
Religion is controllin…
And I don’t like that at all…
Especially what was done on my black race…

If you google search what happened when
Black people were forced to be Christians
Durin slavery, durin colonization of Congo,
I bet your feelings would get hurt or not

And you see why I’m not a Christian
I don’t wanna draw him….
You can draw him yourself
You do have the right to
But me, no it’s still damagin black people..

So no
I ain’t going to draw Jesus
I don’t wanna be tricked into it either…

That’s how colonizers did to
Indigenous people…
They tricked them to believing in their god
And made laws not to practice indigenous traditions
Not even speak their own language…

You asked me
Is that ok?
Cos it’s not….

I don’t wanna draw Jesus
Father’s son…
If you make me draw him
We will have an issue…💯✊🏿©️ Kai C. 4-18-24
© Kai C..