by R

I wonder what it's like

to know what everyone is thinking driving in the oncoming traffic in Land Rovers, Honda Fits, Suburus, Mustangs and Focuses, and how many children spilt Cheerios and Legos and how many mothers feel like giving up and how many gave something to the homeless under the Betsy Ross Bridge ?

I wonder what it's like

to walk the halls of nursing homes with a latern , looking for an honest man or touch invisible touches to invisible people living in invisible places?

I wonder what it's like
to know what cigarerte butts mean that are carelessly thrown away by people who carelessly do that to everyone and everything?

I wonder what its like

to know before the wedding what happens after the wedding to know everyone deceived and are attracted to evil who oppose the people of the light, who say truth is relative so they can kill their relatives, or what it's like to not want to be judged all the time or what it's like to be unable to get through to people who judge all the time and to listen to the sounds of noisy useless fruitless senseless ideas with an annointing for finger pointing?

For all these sins

Forgive us
Cleanse us
Grant us atonement.
© R Becker