weak coward of a man
A weak coward of a man, afraid of his own shadow
Running from his fears, unable to face the truth
His confidence shattered, his spirit broken
He hides behind a mask of false bravado

Too afraid to stand up, too scared to fight
He cowers in the shadows, avoiding the light
His strength is but a facade, his courage a lie
He trembles in fear, unable to defy

A weak coward of a man, with no backbone or pride
He cowers in the shadows, unable to decide
To face his demons, to conquer his fears
To overcome his weaknesses, to dry his tears

But deep down inside, there lies a spark
A glimmer of hope, a flame in the dark
To rise above his doubts, to break free from his chains
To become the man he was meant to be, strong and brave

So let us not judge, let us not condemn
For we all have our weaknesses, our battles within
Let us offer our support, our love and our hand
To help the weak coward of a man, to finally stand.
© cynfully