i have five owl friend ,
they all are owl,
but they are nicer than anyone.😁

maybe i fit in there group,but one of our friend can't come to school ,
how sad 😭.
but it dos't not mean that we will be sad ,
we will always wait for her , right
my dear owl friend 😁😁.

one thing about them which i love the most is that ,
they all are very funny and kind 😎
which i love more than anything .

they share me there food 🤤,
which of course i love it 🙃.

one friend how is teacher ,
she taught me history,
but not strict 🤪,
writer of fan fiction .😝

one friend how is always funny ,
her smile is like cure for my bad day 😁and reader of fan fiction😁.

one friend how bring food ,
without even opening we finish it all 😆.

one friend how act like baby🐼,
and big fan of Taylor swift 😍.

you can tell by reading how much i love my friend 😁😁even tho they all are owl 🦉and of course i am also owl.

hubba,diary, ella,baby, homie ( i wont tell you there real name 🐥)😁

one interesting thing about them is they all are owl 😁😁 .

thank for reading my poem ,hope you like it . do you also have friend like this ? 🤔🌺🌺like mine .

© i don't know much about poem but also i find it interesting to write 😁😁