A Glosa
This glosa poem is also one of my favorites, because I styled it after my favorite poet e.e. cummings. A glosa poem takes a stanza from a poem and uses the lines as ending lines in the stanzas of your own poem.

From the e.e. cummings poem
i carry your heart with me

i carry your heart with me
(i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it
(anywhere i go, you go, my dear)

i feel you with the coming of the sun
like a burning fire, heating up my skin
the flame it burns me (fiercely deep within)
you love, will always be my chosen one
until i take my last breath and i am done
and even then with my last earthly plea
from you i will never be fully free
despite people who say it is a sin
you hold the only lock that fits my key
i carry your heart with me.

i feel you when my afternoon is busy
like a soft caress of a midday breeze
a whisper of longing (a gentle tease)
i know this may sound totally crazy
but your presence alone makes me dizzy
i have known it right from the very start
like setting my eyes on a work of art
the beauty of which brings me to my knees
your heart from mine will never depart
(i carry it in my heart)

i feel you when the moon rises at night
like the flowers that hold onto the dew
you glisten with a light (it's nothing new)
shining in the dark, a beacon so bright
i have given up without any fight
a heavenly lamp that always stays lit
like a drug that i'm not able to quit
a love like this is found by very few
your heart with mine, always a perfect fit
i am never without it

i feel you in my dreams as i sleep
like a never-ending looped movie reel
spinning through my mind (an eternal wheel)
sometimes i awaken just to weep
how a love like this, it feels way too deep
i come fully awake and it is clear
that from my heart you will not disappear
you are the reason my heart will now heal
even when far away, i hold you near
(anywhere i go, you go, my dear)
© MysticDreamer