I left.
I left.

I could finally see
Through all of your ways
To manipulate me.
All your facades,
Who you pretended to be;
A reflection of all I dreamed of.

I saw your eyes,
How they filled with evil and void,
A pitch black abyss.. 
The fear that filled my soul,
I pray no one knows. 

I was no longer looking 
Through rose colored glasses..
I could finally see 
Who you truly where;

A deceptive masquerade,
The embodiment of 
Terrifying darkness..

The kind of darkness,
That can only be found 
In the most horrendous nightmares.
The kind of evil,
That can kill you,
Mind, body and soul

Little did I know,
You would become so close
To becoming the death of me.
© WhisperingMelodies